Sometimes I feel I’ve something interesting to say or do and I think there must be someone, somewhere out there in the world who might just find it mildly thought-provoking, amusing or interesting to watch. I cover diet, lifestyle, and exercise and I’ve even thrown in some pole sport, for your entertainment! Youtube.

As for blogging, I’ve been writing all my life (I’m even a published author of two internationally released fitness books, tada!). Below you’ll find articles relating to various health-related topics. Also included are my more ‘bloggy’ type social commentary pieces…

Absolutely not obsolete

Putting me first

How do I love myself? Let me count the ways… gluten-free chocolate cake from Vovo (when they have it in); a really good book (when I have the time for it); a manicure (on my birthday); a good movie (when I’m able to stay awake long enough to watch it). Shit, hang on....

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Diet and lifestyle

Feeding kids for good health

Feeding kids for good health is every parent's responsibility. The problem though, is that it's not that easy! Any of this sound familiar? “But my kids LOVE pasta, fries, sarmies and biscuits.” And “Surely kids need carbs to grow properly?” Oh, and my all-time...

Lost in the (internet) forest of health information?

Once upon a time Little Red Riding Hood embarked on the journey to a happy body, but upon entering the internet forest of health information she became hopelessly lost and never made it out of the woods. Was she eaten by the corporate food wolves; rendered immobile by too many unfulfilled gym memberships, or spiked on a branch of this-alone-be-the-whole-truth?

What’s in your lunchbox?

The dog’s barking; you haven’t quite finished dressing for that all-important morning meeting; your youngest has lost his toothbrush down the toilet and you still haven’t packed any (never mind healthy) lunches for school or work. Aargh!

The bits that matter

Prof Noakes has come and gone (he’ll be back – he likes PE) so those entrenched in their high carb eating habits (the same people who seem to dislike him intently), can take a deep breath, pull up the couch, switch on the telly and relax.

One size fits all

Ever been to a clothing store where they sell only one size? Nothing designed for humans is ever just one size. So why, when we talk diets, do we use the measure of one-size-fits-all as the holy grail of whether or not it works?

On fatness and whose fault it is

Let’s say you’re a person who was born to one, or both, obese or significantly overweight parents. You’re already at a disadvantage because you’ll have a high (inherited) level of LPL activity on your fat cells: the amount of body fat you store in your fat cells has a great deal to do with how much LPL (lipoprotein lipase) sits on these fat cells – the more there is, the more fat you’ll store.

Happy hormones = happy body

Estrogen suppresses LPL activity on the fat cells, meaning that the more estrogen there is available, the less fat will be pulled into the fat cells, and the less fat you’ll accumulate over time. If estrogen levels are low, LPL on the fat cells will have a field day, causing more and more fat to be stored.

Banting or bust

It would be ideal to eliminate ALL fast, processed, refined, adulterated foods from our diets, but this just isn’t a realistic option. Health is about balance, not about punishment; it should never be ‘banting or bust’. Banting isn’t a ‘diet’ – it’s a lifestyle choice that’ll work best if you keep it real.

All ‘Taubed’ out…

Gary Taubes’s book “Why We Get Fat and What to do About it” centres on some key themes. We get fat if we have a lot of LPL on our fat cells; we get fat if we eat lots of carbs; the seriously overweight or obese are neither ‘lazy’ nor ‘greedy’; we can maintain leanness if we have enough HSL on our fat cells; if female, we can maintain leanness by ensuring that our estrogen levels remain optimal.


Building a buff body

Building healthy habits

Successful goal setting

We all have the best of intentions when it comes to setting new resolutions, but often the reason they don’t stick is because we’re trying to change a habit overnight. For sustainable, realistic changes, these habits should be overcome gradually and consistently.

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What does it take to change?

We often tell our children about the magical transition of the caterpillar into a butterfly; of how ordinary can transform itself into beautiful in one big leap. It’s the story of the Ugly Duckling and Cinderella. It’s the story behind every diet and New Year gym membership!

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