For me, strength training (the use of either bodyweight or external resistance) is the best form of exercise anyone can do. It’s how you’ll change your body shape, remain strong for everyday movement, and stay young (the health benefits are extraordinary). I can also help with your goals around flexibility,  or mobility, if that’s where your interest lies.

Whether online or in person, my very thoughtful approach to strength training means that your progress is slow initially, as your brain is taught to re-pattern certain key movements (like a glute squeeze vs a pelvic tilt). The purpose of teaching you outstanding technique to begin with is to ensure that you build a strong ‘engine’ (core/stabilising muscle group). Once this has power, you can focus on your ‘chasis’ (the limbs). Attention is personalised and I’m pedantic about technique in order to avoid injury and ensure effective results. This means you’ll never be put in a position where you do an exercise without guidance, or be so sore the next day that you can’t move, or do something that may jeopardise any joint or muscle.

What my clients have to say…

The Happy Body - Marlene Burger

The Happy Body - dumbbells

I have been going to gym regularly from early on in life. I then started competing in ultra-distance sports and competed in a few Ironman competitions too. Life eventually got in the way and I really wanted to just get back in shape, but everything was too time consuming!

Enter Tanya Wyatt’s “maximum-results-in-minimum-time” training classes.

Finally someone’s taught me the proper technique, and I could feel it working from day one. Two years later, I feel stronger, I have a core again, and I still go to training twice a week.

This is an investment in myself for a healthy and strong future!

Thank you Tanya, for helping me achieve this.

Dave Parker, 7.00am

The Happy Body client - Susan McGoldrick

Tanya’s holistic approach to the body and health immediately resonated with me. She is so professional and passionate about what she does. Her knowledge of the body, muscles and functioning is astounding and her eye for detail ensures that we master the technique of each exercise 100% before all else. I joined a strong, established class, which could have been intimidating, but instead it’s proven to be inspiring and motivational due to Tanya’s efforts. She’s spent individual time with me to make sure my brain and body are in sync, and I’m working at the right pace and weight for my own body. She shares her opinions and insights in a direct and constructive manner, while still showing compassion and respect for each individual. Susan McGoldrick, 7.00am

The Happy Body client - Tayla Everett

Tanya is an AMAZING woman who is so passionate and knowledgeable about what she does.

I started coming to her in January 2018 for nutritional help and joined her strength training classes in March 2018.

I have never felt so good about myself. My strength and fitness have improved and I have so much energy.

I consider myself lucky to have found Tanya and wholeheartedly recommend her to all interested in setting the foundation for improved physical wellness, and living a healthier lifestyle.

Tayla Everett, 7.00am

The Happy Body - dumbbells

 Having been a client of Tanya’s for many years I can say that the benefit I derive from her classes is well worth the cost. With Tanya’s strength class’s you have the benefits of motivation, class community, a flexible training schedule to meet your needs, nutritional advice and targeted exercises which are very well explained and supervised under Tanya’s eye. Tanya has a keen passion for her trade as well as her healthy living philosophy and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure her clients are well informed of how the body works to get the best out of their workout. No matter your age or strength/fitness level, Tanya will set you on a path to your Happy Body. Michael Tucker, 7.00am

Linda Szuhanyi - The Happy Body client

Your classes are the best way to start my day. I love knowing that you’re checking what I do constantly… safely and gently pushing me to improve with each session. I also love feeling stronger and learning about how and why we do things a certain way. Easily the most rewarding gift I’ve given myself!

Linda Szuhanyi, 7.00am



The Happy Body client - Nicolene McDonald

The most enjoyable, positive, energising, life-changing 50 minutes of my day! Nicolene McDonald, 4.15pm

The Happy Body client - Sven Mahieu

My six-pack is hiding there somewhere and, through Tanya’s enjoyable classes, she’s helping me find them. Sven Mahieu, 4.15pm

Greg Milne - The Happy Body client

I really enjoy my morning session.

It is encouraging and challenging and I feel invigorated for the rest of the day.

I can see a big improvement in my strength and tone.

Greg Milne, 7.00am



Lorna Milne - The Happy Body

Exercising can be fun! Who knew? I started with Tanya a year ago very unsure about what the classes could do for me, and how they would be any different to other gym classes. Not only did she help me with nutrition, but the strength training classes proved to be life changing! Slowly but surely my body is changing and my muscle strength has improved tremendously. Our 8 o’clock class is just the most amazing group of fun people and a 50-minute session just flies by! I can really recommend this form of excercise – the sooner you start, the better for your body long term.

Lorna Milne, 8.00am

The Happy Body client - Jenny Callahan

I’ve been working with Tanya for four months and have achieved more in that short time (working out two days a week) than in two years at another gym (working out five days a week)!

My body shape has changed, I have lots more energy and strength, and I feel fantastic.

The constant aches and pains have disappeared as Tanya is a stickler for proper technique.

Thank you Tanya for changing my life.

Jenny Callahan, 7.00am

Gill Vogel

I remember hearing about Tanya Wyatt when I was a young girl – she was a gorgeous dancer and I had a crush on her brother! So her name was no stranger to me when I kept seeing her “Happy Body” being advertised. I joined Tanya’s strength training classes in April 2017.  I knew I had to do something proactive about my well being. When my precious son passed on a few years ago, I started trying to eat my pain away. I felt that if my tummy was full, it put so much pressure on my heart that it gave me a sense of control over the pain. I was obviously less physical and just generally felt worse. I had to do something. I have always jogged (very slowly) from my early twenties and have enjoyed other forms of fitness and outdoor activities but I was unmotivated and lacking in strength. My future entails some serious sailing and for that I also need to be fit and strong (and look good in a cozzie:).

Thanks to Tanya for her patience and incredible expertise. I love knowing that when I’m doing an exercise, I’m doing it properly and using the right muscle groups. Tanya ensures that this happens with her personalised, small classes. She gives explanations about the functioning of muscle groups and also shares general healthy lifestyle tips during our classes. Tanya is very encouraging.  I never thought I’d say this but I actually feel quite guilty if I am unable to make it to class, and even miss it! I feel stronger and healthier. I am happy with this lifestyle change and am motivated to keep improving. Tanya, thank you for your drive and focus and the fun and humor in class. Oh and you do make it look so easy, especially when you’re on that pole!!

Gill Vogel, 4.15pm