The Whole Deal


Do you want to be happy in your body? Finally – to look in the mirror and love what you see, to stand on the scale with your eyes open? To do this without starving yourself, becoming a triathlete, or having surgery in any form? You do? Hooray! This is the programme for you.

What you get: A (discounted) holistic, one-on-one programme covers all aspects of nourishment, movement and thinking, as they relate to a happy, healthy body (see The Happy Body trailer). It offers an initial 90-minute assessment and outcomes session, followed by 5 hours of follow-up coaching. You also get a FREE 30-minute online “touch base” session within a month of finishing the programme, to help make sure you’re staying on track.

What we’ll cover:

  • Understanding how the body works
  • Healthy, easy tricks for fat loss
  • Improving gut health for optimal health and weight
  • Using feedback tools to understand your body’s food language
  • Using movement to improve your health
  • Supporting the liver for a more efficient body
  • Managing the mind for better overall health and happiness
  • Environmental issues that affect health
  • Maximising exercise efforts to achieve your best body ever