Nutrition Coaching


At 48 I’m the same weight I’ve been for 25 years. If I can do it, you can too. Diet has one of the biggest influences on our weight and health. In these sessions we unpack your current diet and look at ways to fine-tune, improve, or overhaul it while keeping the changes realistic and achievable. This work is NEVER about going on a diet (find out why I hate them) – we’ll work on the principle of eating/drinking what your body needs for good weight/health MOST of the time and doing what your head needs for those in-the-moment bliss food/drink experiences SOME of the time. We’ll also cover how to improve digestion, teach you your body’s food language, give you feedback tools to help you work out your ideal diet, and help you achieve your weight and health goals simply, safely, and permanently. Give me a shout for your FREE 10-minute consultation to discuss your weight and health needs.

Want to do this with your partner/spouse/other family member? Just add R200 to the session cost.