Menu Plan Combo



Ugh, thinking up new healthy meals on a daily basis is exhausting isn’t it? I’m going to make your life a whole lot easier and healthier, and I’m going to do it without being too anal about diet. Yes, I follow a high fat, low carb diet and have done for over 13 years now, but sometimes – just sometimes – it’s really, really lekker to sneak in a few carbs:). In this combo deal, you get both the red meat and chicken menu plan, as well as the egg, fish and veg menu plan. The bulk of all these recipes are low carb, but a few give you the option to add one or two of the buggers (in the case of the veggie menu plan, you’ll also find a few lentil/legume recipes).

Buy them now… your Monday to Sunday menu plans, packed with:

  • 3 daily recipes for wholesome, tried-and-tested, scrumptious meals covering both red meat and chicken dishes, as well as fish, egg and veg dishes.
  • The shopping lists you’ll need to make it happen happen.
  • A short “rules of the road” nutritional guideline to help you make the best choices every time you eat.

See a sample recipe here.

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