Lifestyle Coaching


Is it your mission to improve your weight and health? Our lifestyles dramatically effect both of these and independently of diet, there are habits that can easily be improved upon to ensure that you achieve your goal. Think of these habits as straws on the camel’s back: you want to remove as many straws as you easily and realistically can (and learn not to stress about the ones that you can’t). Habits like getting sufficient exposure to sunlight (UVB); practising enough of the right type of exercise; breathing with good technique; getting enough good quality sleep; reducing exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation, improving your mental outlook and more, are discussed in these sessions. At the end of the day I want you to walk away with ALL the information you need to keep yourself healthy, lean and well for a very, very long time. See more about my philosophy on changing habits here. Give me a shout for your FREE 10-minute consultation to discuss your health, weight, or other needs.

Want to do this with your partner/spouse/other family member? Just add R200 to the session cost.