Beginner Strength Training Plan


Your paint-by-numbers plan for a stronger, more toned body. With a huge focus on technique, you’ll get there safely and effectively. Learn how using the four training variables (tempo, rests, sets and reps) can help you build your best body in the shortest time frame, avoid injury, be specific with your training, manage your time well, improve your posture, and change your body shape.

What you get:

  • 1 x Beginner Strength Training Plan (this includes 4 different training programmes)
  • 4 x picture-based handouts for quick & easy reference
  • 1x FREE muscle activation (warm up) programme
  • FREE YouTube exercise tutorials (see example here https://youtu.be/IHrRbYonkuo)
  • A FREE 20 minute online support session within the first 3 months of purchase