The global health picture

Tanya Wyatt at VWSA employee wellness

In 2005, 60% of deaths were attributable to Chronic Diseases of Lifestyle (CDL) – a reflection of poor global heath.  Poor diets, smoking, excessive drinking, lack of exercise and stress all contribute to some pretty awful health challenges. These are things like high blood pressure, tobacco and alcohol addiction, high blood cholesterol, diabetes and obesity.  Theyplay a huge role in deaths caused by strokes, heart attacks, cancers, respiratory collapse, renal failure and others. Is there hope, or should we all just head off to the nearest pub and drown our sorrows? Actually, the news is surprisingly good! Up to 80% of these incidences are due to lifestyle and behavior factors. CDL is, in the main, preventable if individuals are motivated to change. This is of major concern to employers, who are more informed about employee wellness than ever before. Employers know that helping to keep employees healthy is integral to the success of their organisation.

Happy employees

Corporate wellness - Tanya Wyatt

Effective employees need to be engaged in the workplace. Often, they need help from employers in terms of provision of structured employee wellness programmes in order to achieve this. How engaged individuals are, tends to be directly related to how happy they are.  An obvious key factor in their happiness is how they view themselves and their bodies. To create an employee who’s bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and emotionally up-beat, we need to help him/her develop a happy body. This is where corporate wellness programmes come into play. In general, we spend an enormous amount of time in the workplace.  Let’s help your employees put that time to even better use and create an environment that allows them to practice what we preach, to walk the talk, and walk it some more! Think about it … Your company becoming a happy body?  We have specifically designed courses for the workplace that can be adapted to your organisation’s needs in the area of employee wellness. So give us a tinkle and we’ll put that twinkle back in your employees’ eyes.

About The Happy Body

Employee wellness - Tanya Wyatt

The Happy Body assists businesses in developing happy, healthy employees through diet and nutrition, fitness and exercise, and other lifestyle changes by implementing wellness programmes. Tanya Wyatt, the owner, started out as a professional ballet dancer. Swopping her pointe shoes for trainers, she decided being a hip hop dancer was way cooler, so chopped off her bun and joined a street dance company. For many years, she also taught dance and fitness classes in Cape Town. Then – while writing two health and fitness books – moved to London to study further in the field of holistic lifestyle coaching. She’s been in private practice for 12 years and is mom to a 10-year old, pig-tailed ball of energy. Oh – and once a dancer, always one – she also does fitness pole dancing.

Tanya has worked extensively within the corporate arena. She has presented various wellness programmes and health talks with companies and institutions such as Volkswagen SA, the Nelson Mandela University Business School, Old Mutual, SAB, Johnson Controls, Investec, Liberty, Nestle, The Heart Foundation, CANSA and many others. She has also worked extensively with schools in the Nelson Mandela Bay area including the Elsen Academy, St George’s Preparatory School, Collegiate High School for Girls, Collegiate Junior School for Girls, Clarendon Primary School, Grey Junior School, St Dominic’s Priory and Willow Academy.

What’s on offer?

Employee wellness - Tanya Wyatt

Our corporate wellness, or rather ‘wholeness’, programme is comprehensive and holistic in its offering (and we use specific tools for measuring success, so that you can gauge the outcome of the programme effectively). It consists of modules specific to certain key health topics, and overall wellness. However, the completion of all these modules is how we help your staff develop happy bodies and minds in the workplace.  So whether cancer, heart disease, diabetes or stress-induced depression are the prevalent conditions your workforce may be experiencing, the end result – a truly happy body – is best achieved if the programme is completed in its entirety. Having said this, you may want to address specific wellness topics in a more generalised manner and to a larger audience and for these occasions we can deliver a 1-2 hour health talk.

Give Tanya a call on 041-5811679, or 0836844610, or email her on to chat further about your company’s needs.