My story

At 49, I’m leaner than I was at 29. I used to be a professional ballet dancer but left the ballet world after the director sat me down one day and told me I looked like a pudding (see story here). So I know what it’s like to feel crap about myself; to feel my only solution is sticking my finger down my throat, smoking instead of eating, or starving myself.

Over the years I’ve learnt some awesome tricks for staying lean as I get older and I’ve passed these on to clients who’ve had success too. It is possible to achieve your goal without being anal, without punishing yourself, without over-exercising, and without foregoing wine, all things potato and the odd piece of cheesecake. We’ll do this thing without climbing on that bloody diet wagon. We’ll do it so you NEVER have to worry about your weight again…

Tanya Wyatt from The Happy Body

Before you begin…

Many people don’t arrive at my door because they’re just not ready for the process. Maybe they’re trying to lose weight for someone else; maybe life’s hectic and they can’t find the time, or a diet/exercise fad grabs their attention and they’re off in hot pursuit. There are lots of reasons for convincing ourselves we shouldn’t start. But is any reason more important than feeling good about your body… a body you can truly love?

This won’t be easy. I won’t tell you what/when/how much to eat; I won’t sell you a handy meal replacement, and I won’t suggest you don’t have to be physically active. I’ll use my experience and knowledge to help you achieve your best body yet. Your body’s unique – you’re unique. We’ll use this uniqueness to your advantage, but you’ll have to give up the idea of dieting (“perfection” eating), of having a perfect body next month, and of quick fixes and magic solutions. Instead, the work we do together will ensure that when you achieve your best body ever, it’s there for life!

My philosophy

Pretend your body’s a car. It needs petrol, oil and water if it’s going to keep running. So, most of the time, you should be eating for your ‘car’ (health-enhancing foods). But, you also have an emotional ‘body’ that needs different fuel – those foods/drinks that give you instant bliss and deep satisfaction in the moment. They’re not great for fuelling the car but hell, they make you feel good! So, if what you do most of the time counts, what you do some of the time won’t be a problem and gives you the flexibility to live your life in the moment.

How we get there

Nourish: From what you scoff, when you scoff and how you piece your meal together, to getting enough rays of sunshine, zzzzzzes and O2, all form part of what we put into our bodies and should be considered when improving health and weight.

Move: I’m not into hard-core exercise routines: the best way to start to move your body regularly is to find an activity you love and then repeat, repeat, repeat. For me it’s fitness pole dance, but it could be line dancing, Brazilian jujitsu, step aerobics, or stand-up knitting…

Think: Do you think your worth is dictated by the shape of your body? You’re wrong, but you’re not alone. It’s time you learn to love yourself independently of your body – the two have nothing to do with each other, yet somehow we’ve convinced ourselves that they’re one and the same.

Why trust me?

On swopping my pointe shoes for trainers, I taught dance and fitness classes in Cape Town, South Africa for many years. Then – while writing two internationally-released health and fitness books – moved to London to study further in the field of holistic lifestyle coaching. I’ve written for fitness magazines like Men’s Health and Shape (serving on their advisory board), as well as for newspaper publications in SA. I’ve designed and written educational material for SA fitness education providers, and helped design industry standards for the South African National Qualifications Framework. I’ve worked extensively with corporates and schools and have been in private practice for 27 years. I’m mom to a 12 year-old ball of dynamite, and – once a dancer, always a dancer – I also do pole dance!

Why I hate diets

Ever been on a diet? Ok, so why did you stop? Because you fell off the wagon, right? You started well; in fact, you did it ‘perfectly’ until some event or other popped up and you lost control! After that, you waited till Monday and jumped back on that diet until the next event came around, at which you once again lost control. You see, when we’re on diet, we’re ‘good’ until we can’t be good anymore. The reality is that perfection doesn’t exist. We live in a world of cakes, crisps, booze, chocolate and artisan breads! Who wants to avoid those for eternity?

I’ll help you come to understand that you and your body aren’t the same thing. You’re the person your friends and family love because of your uniqueness; your body is simply the vehicle that carries you around while you’re on this planet. Let’s make it a Lamborghini