Tanya Wyatt at Willow Academy
Tanya Wyatt at Willow Academy
Tanya Wyatt at Willow Academy
Tanya Wyatt at Willow Academy

Taking back healthy, one school at a time

Can food for kids and teens can be nourishing and cool, or will it always be broccoli vs. chocolate; rabbit food vs. potato crisps? Are there healthy foods that don’t require kids to be pinned to the floor and force fed? We think so. In fact, we believe schools should play an important role in introducing kids to foods that taste great and deliver the right stuff. Kids spend the majority of their waking hours at school and what they eat there plays a key role in shaping their eating habits. What they hear at school about food, and how their friends view food, will be messages they carry with them for life and ultimately impact on their health.

Mainstream snack foods high in sugar, synthetics and refined carbs send young bodies on energy roller-coasters that make sustained concentration and performance very difficult. These foods also have questionable nutritional value. But these foods are designed to taste good, come in bright packaging and they’re convenient! Helping kids kick the habit won’t be easy, especially if the healthy alternatives are bland and unappealing. Our school interventions align “cool” with healthy. We deliver on the challenge of both tasty and healthy, and giving learners choices outside of snack-attack alley. These new choices will help them develop strong bodies, alert minds and healthy eating habits. Going healthy… is there an alternative?

Tanya Wyatt at Willow Academy

The transition to a totally cool, healthy school

We offer fresh ideas for healthy food offerings for learners at the tuckshop or in the canteen. We take a gentle approach to change by keeping foods looking the same way kids are used to seeing them. Whether their options are sarmies, muffins, droewors or yoghurt. We’ll ensure maximum nutrient and enzyme values and minimal sugar and processed food intake. Just think: calm, intelligent, strong, healthy and vibrant little people sharing your classrooms forever more! We’ll also help educate your parents. We would also be honoured to come into your school and educate your learners with some age-appropriate presentations on why healthy food is cool.

In the case of adolescents, we’ll help them appreciate that self-appearance and self-worth are two very different issues. We will offer them tools for developing both  of these important aspects of self-esteem in positive ways. Sometimes negative habits detrimentally impact on the mental and physical wellbeing of a learner and can reach a critical point (eating disorders are an example). When this happens, we can work one-on-one with the learner and parents, together with medical practitioner and psychologist, to address this challenge.

Call Tanya on 073-94404478, WhatsApp her on 0027-836844610, or email her on tanya@thehappybody.co.za for more info, or to discuss any aspect of the above.


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We used Tanya as a speaker at a parent meeting, and she has been more than willing to engage with the pupils in her endeavour to tackle issues around diet and wellness. She’s an excellent communicator and is passionate about what she does. The continued interest and support she gives us is very much valued and I fully support and applaud her in her endeavours to change the face of tuck shops at our schools. Lindsay Pearson, Headmaster Grey Junior School

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Thanks once again for taking the time to speak to the girls today on the subject of self-esteem and eating issues; your talk was very well received. The girls found it incredibly informative and it gave them a great deal to think about.
Derryk Jordan, Collegiate Girls High School Deputy Principal: Co-curricular