Love your body again!

It seems that looks have never been more important.

Mainstream media suggests that our goal is to have a body like that of a celebrity.

This sucks.

Even they don’t look like that at home!

So how do we achieve a body which appears to be unachievable?

The obvious answer is that we don’t (read can’t).

The not-so-obvious one is that we find our own path (alone, or with help) to develop our best-ever body.

Tanya Wyatt in ballet gear

My story

Tanya Wyatt from The Happy Body

Before you begin

The Happy Body philosophy

My philosophy

Tanya Wyatt on the fitness pole

How we get there

Tanya Wyatt from The Happy Body

Why trust me?

Testimonials for The Happy Body

Happy campers

VWSA wellness workshop


Happy child at Willow Academy


Tanya Wyatt in the media

In the limelight

Cute little girl - The Happy Body


Tanya Wyatt

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